Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical


Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical

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Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical


Product Description

This book presents a unique collection of correspondence between two friends who have spent many hours discussing their faiths—one a Catholic priest, the other an evangelical minister. Their candid dialogue illustrates how we can talk about opposing beliefs without resorting to criticism that is mean–spirited, sensationalistic, or inaccurate.


The result is a one–of–a–kind, balanced presentation of six key issues including how a person becomes saved, who the teachers and rulers of the church are, and what it takes to get to heaven.


The fresh insights bring clarity and respect to both sides of the ongoing dialogue between Catholics and evangelical Christians, and readers will benefit by being able to make their own informed conclusions about the differences.


Reviews by Early Readers

WOW! What a book! I love a fair, balanced, charitable debate on doctrine. So many times one reads what "We" have to say about "Them" complete with advice on how to convert them. This book is not like that. Here the Catholic and Evangelical both speak in open dialogue. At times the reader must stretch, as the authors did, to understand other points of view. At times one can feel the tension dripping through the pages of text, but both men stay on target as much as they are able. This book took great discipline to produce and is a gift to both Catholics and Evangelicals. One word of advice needs to be given to Catholic readers. While the Catholic position can be offered with a certain amount of clarity, evangelical theology is not as easy to articulate. Some evangelical denominations might lean more toward the Catholic point of view on certain issues (like eternal security). All in all this was one of those books I just could not put down until it was finished. It was better than TV.

—R. Kirkham, posted on


This book is an excellent resource material that deals with Catholicism, Evangelical beliefs, and the differences. It shares a fair view of both beliefs. From reading other reviews, some Catholics would prefer it to show Catholicism superior to Evangelicalism. I believe the purpose is to inform, and if one side is converted to the other, that's fine, but it is better to know what the other side really teaches.
One important factor to realize is the friendliness of this book. It is written by two friends, who both would love to win the other to their side, but who would not make that conversion a prerequisite for that friendship. I wish all theological debates (and political for that matter) had this atmosphere.
Keep in mind, also, that this is not merely a discussion between a Catholic and an evangelical, but between a Catholic and a former Catholic. McCarthy is not writing about something he hasn't experienced. Some may say it is anti-Catholic, but I hope most realize there were reasons McCarthy converted from Catholicism.
I sense one difference is the approach between the two. Waiss is pointing out common ground, hinting that Catholic teaching should not be condemned, but is also superior and more Biblical than views based solely on Scripture. McCarthy points out that the differences are very important, and that there are two different foundations: One is the expanding, growing foundation of human authority, and the other is the unchanging teachings of Scripture.

—Jeff Reynolds, posted on


Copy on Back of Book

What better way to gain a clear understanding of Catholic or evangelical beliefs than to let each side speak for itself? That’s exactly what happens in Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical—a fascinating collection of correspondence and conversations between two friends who have spent hundreds of hours discussing their faiths. Catholic priest John Waiss and evangelical minister James McCarthy’s candid dialogue makes for a balanced presentation that clearly identifies six key areas of agreement and disagreement:

    • Is God’s Word found in Scripture alone, or Scripture and Tradition?

    • Who are the teachers and rulers of the church?

    • How is a person initially saved?

    • What do the bread and wine represent in the Last Supper?

    • What does each side believe about Mary, angels, and the saints?

    • What does it take to make it to heaven?

This unique resource brings much-needed clarity and respect to both sides of the ongoing dialogue between Catholics and evangelical Christians.


Product Details

Author: James G. McCarthy and Fr. John R. Waiss
Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (January 1, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0736909891
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 1 inches


Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical


Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical

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