John Calvin Goes to Berkeley


John Calvin Goes to Berkeley

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John Calvin Goes to Berkeley


Product Description

The story of five students who try to solve a mystery that has baffled theologians for centuries.


Reviews by Early Readers

I couldn’t put it down. Several times I laughed out loud. One time I actually got mad at a character. That’s not like me.

—Roger Schiele, San Antonio, Texas


One of the ten best books that I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Exciting, engaging, innovative, inspirational, and informative, all at once.

—Jim Haesemeyer, Lubbock, Texas


The evening I started, I couldn’t stop reading until three in the morning. The way the author presented God, His grace and love to sinners, and His plans and blessings for those in Christ, moved me to worship. I kept having to wipe tears away as I read. I feel as excited and as enlightened as Alex when he discovered the truth.

—Emily R. Knott, Madrid, Spain


My wife and I have worked with college students for the last ten years. They’re always asking about Calvinism. We had almost given up on the possibility of a solid, scriptural response. This book—which I finished in one day—renewed our hope that this topic isn’t beyond our grasp after all.

—Brady Collier, Wolfforth, Texas


Very cool trailer. Gave me chills.

— viewer


Copy on Back of Book

Alex Kim has a secret and he’s certain that if the students of University Christian Fellowship had known it, they never would have elected him president. His hope was that if he did a good job and God blessed their ministry on campus, no one would care. That was before John Calvin came to Berkeley. Now Rod Sutherland, UCF’s vice president, is on a crusade. He’s trying to convince the others that Calvin was right about predestination: God has already decided who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. An increasing number of students agree with Rod. Jamie Alfono, the group’s treasurer, isn’t among them. “Anyone can accept Christ’s offer of salvation,” Jamie says. Angela León, a girl with a passion for truth, concurs. “God predestining babies to hell? I’m sorry; that can’t be right.” With UCF divided and ready to fold, Elliot, a doctoral student, proposes that they form a committee to solve the mystery of predestination once and for all. The others find that humorous, but after much discussion agree that Elliot is right. The only way to reunite the group and save UCF is for them to understand the true meaning of predestination. “If we figure it out,” Jamie says, “we could win the Nobel Prize for Theology.” If we don’t, Alex thinks to himself, UCF is finished and my year as president is going to end in disaster . . . again.


Product Details

Author: James G. McCarthy
Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: City Christian Press (January 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9841681-0-1
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.3 x 1.0 inches



John Calvin Goes to Berkeley


John Calvin Goes to Berkeley

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